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A $250+ million dollar investment in medical advancement.

We believe students need to work in environments and with tools that are state of the art. So we’ve invested hundreds of millions into creating a technically advanced, flourishing campus with over 65 specialized buildings. After graduation, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re bringing a strong, competitive education with you.

An impressive campus—inside and out.

There is no place to study medicine as beautiful as our island of Grenada. Cobalt waters, coral reefs and generous beaches. Whether you are spending time with one of our 50 student-sponsored organizations or just recharging on your own, our stunning location is inspiring—and one of a kind.

From the beginning, a beacon of medical excellence.

Our student success rate is no accident. Being the oldest medical school in the Caribbean means we’ve had the longest to get it right. For more than 40 years, we’ve been procuring a top international faculty, forging strong relationships with outside clinics and hospitals, and advancing our campus. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built. When you graduate and leave to practice medicine, you will be, too.

A global magnet for medicine.

Our students, faculty, and graduates have hailed from over 140 countries around the world. Here, you’ll learn from some of the best medical minds the world has to offer. And you’ll make friends and connections with students from every corner of the globe. That way, no matter where in the world you practice—Kansas or Kenya—the cultural depth and global perspective you gained at SGU will always be with you.


Ivonne McLean, MD SGU ’13

Family Physician
The Institute for Family Health

SGU has enabled me to realize my dream of becoming a physician and I enjoyed being part of the cooperative learning environment.

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